Beginning with an in-depth analysis of your company, we provide a diagnostic report and strategic recommendation aligned to your business objectives.

Any good strategy incorporates several components, establishes clear objectives and revolves around your customers’ informational needs, not yours. We’ll help you to develop your brand essence so your customers will understand what differentiates your company from competitors. During the evaluation and analysis process we will uncover where your customers currently seek out information and encourage you to listen to what they are saying, so you will be better positioned to offer up valuable information to them. In addition, we will work with you to determine how and where to most effectively leverage social media based on your company’s goals and establish a way to measure success along the way. Finally, we will teach you how to humanize and connect with the marketplace, and develop a plan that positions your company as the preferred solutions provider and industry leader.

Social Media

Whether you’re just getting started or seeking out ways to improve your
online ‘social standing’, our experts will help you identify where and when
to engage, establish ways to measure, and implement an actionable plan.

Leveraging the right social media channels for your business is the first step in implementing an efficient and effective plan. Many companies are unfamiliar with how to best use the variety of environments available today and we recognize some of the best brand advocates can be your company’s own personnel. With new capabilities emerging all the time, staying on top of not only what’s new but also what will work best for your company can be daunting. We will work with your principals and employees to explore appropriate social channels and educate them on how to utilize various social platforms for maximum benefit.

Content & Influencer marketing

The right content and industry experts bridge the gap between what clients are searching for and what products and services your company provides.

Developing effective content and identifying industry influencers to become brand advocates begins first with the creation of a content marketing plan – – one that will help you select the right influencers who will lend their unbiased voices to the marketplace. The plan will serve as the foundation for the types of content needed by social channel, ensuring that your company begins to build influencer relationships that will extend beyond a onetime engagement. The components of the plan typically include a well thought out and articulated strategy which outlines both near and long term program goals, the development of personas, and a buyers’ journey map. The plan allows you to better understand various customers’ types, what they are seeking, and the most effective way to reach them – making the discussion about the client, first and foremost.


The foundation of a successful marketing program requires an integrated approach. We’ll pull the pieces together for your company into an effective plan.

No one person, program, tool or activity will make you successful. It is critical to realize that content marketing and social media marketing are merely elements within the overall marketing mix your company adopts, beginning with forming a cross-functional team to contribute to and operationalize the strategy. Content marketing itself is a blend of digital and traditional marketing, communications, journalism, social media, and specialized expertise. By approaching each as an interdisciplinary, interrelated mix of elements, we will help you transform web sites, media hubs, content and key influencers into a unique, pervasive, and powerful set of marketing assets for your organization.

Web development and design

An effective web presence is the cornerstone of your business. Leverage our responsive web development methodology and design services for improved traffic and findability.

Beginning with a sound strategy, our experienced architects, developers, designers, and search engine optimization experts will work with you to understand your current and future needs to design an elegant, intuitive, easy to navigate, and effective web presence to represent your company. Whether you are just starting out and looking for a turnkey, affordable, ‘easy to implement and maintain’ web solution, or your needs are more complex and require a customized experience, we can offer a solution that will delight you and deliver business results.


Professional Services and Career Counseling: Coach & Mentor

Are you a recent college graduate looking for your first full time job, did you just recently lose your job, or are you just seeking a career change?  Our comprehensive services provide assistance with resume development, interview preparation and guidance on how to establish and/or improve  your online social media presence, to effectively build upon or leverage your existing network to find the right opportunity and career path for you.

For an affordable, all inclusive fee, speak with an experienced, career coach with over three decades of corporate experience in an executive management position. Based on an initial discussion, your coach will map out a detailed road map for how to approach looking for your first job or exploring a different career path. Guidance will include specific feedback on writing or improving your resume, developing or improving your online social media presence, effective interview techniques, and networking.