10 Steps to Turning Your Idea Into a Business Reality – A Series

Even in a business setting, our dreams are important because they serve to encourage and motivate us to aspire to achieve and improve, even when our in-market programs may not have always been that successful in the past. But have you ever thought about the difference between a dream and a goal? I won’t keep you in suspense…it’s a plan.* Developing a well constructed plan will successfully guide both your tra-digital and social media marketing efforts.

The absence of a plan may cause a businesses to inadvertently set itself up for failure. While it’s productive to be inspired by ‘what if’ ideas and scenarios, the chances of lofty dreams being realized are slim to none without a well thought out strategy and supporting implementation plan.

It’s easier than you think.  Be disciplined and follow this 10 step plan to ensure you can execute against these great ideas.

Step #1: Write them down. Sometimes the best ideas come to you at inopportune times…while trying to fall asleep, riding the subway to work, commuting in your car, brainstorming with clients, or reading a news article. It is often everyday life experiences that inspire and enable us to see a connection that wasn’t initially apparent.

*Attributed to author, Jodi Picoult (“Lone Wolf”)

Step #2: Be specific. In a disciplined, thoughtful way, what do you want to achieve? Define what would be the definition of success.

Step #3: Carefully consider the internal reaction and support needed to realize your idea.

Step #4: Fourth, analyze the marketplace from a client and competitor perspective. What impact will your product or service have?

Step #5: Ensure you decide how you will position your idea, product, or service to the marketplace. Thinking about this ahead of time will help inform the plan development.

Step #6: Determine the necessary steps required to realize your idea. Be mindful that even what may appear to be a simple concept, will likely result in a well thought out series of activities to become a reality. Think of this as the blueprint.

Step #7: Develop a timeline with carefully and realistically laid out steps and milestone activities. Ensure you set a beginning and an end date. Assign owners and checkpoints to keep everyone involved on task.

Step #8: Think about the interconnection with existing systems or programs. Establish the integration (and interlocking) plan to ensure you optimize across all your marketing activities and teams.

Step #9:  Consider and document how will you measure the effectiveness of your program, product or service. Ensure you have the ability to accurately track and report metrics in a consistent and timely manner.

Step #10: Don’t be afraid to candidly evaluate, solicit feedback, and be willing to make mid course corrections along the way.

Be purposeful in your actions and recognize there will be challenges along the way. Following the steps outlined above will get you closer to not only realizing your great idea but ensure that it yields positive and long lasting results for your business.


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